Refund Policy

ProZed integrated escrow payment solutions which greatly benefits both buyer and seller. Please let us consider the complete procedure as seller point of view:

For Seller:

Seller get his/her payment after completing the proposals. The payment will be reflected in market lancing account after 3 days.

Buyer/Client pays for proposals.
Buyer/Client pay in advance and the money get hold in escrow solutions.
We hold the payment until proposal is not delivered, once delivered successfully and accepted by buyer, money get credited after 3 days into seller’s account.
10% Service/Commission Fee deducted from a successful proposal completion.
Sellers post unlimited number of proposals without any fees.
Gateway charges extra
Minimum withdrawal amount is 20 USD.

For Buyer:

1% Service/Commission fee charge from buyers at the time of ordering.
Refund Policy for Buyer: If seller failed to deliver the order within a given time frame, buyer have the right for a complete refund request. Refunded amount will be credited to buyer within 5-6 Business days.
Important Note for Sellers/Freelancers:
If you failed to deliver the order within a given time frame and buyer requested for a refund. In that case payment gateway charges deducted from your balance.

Refund Policies:

Buyer/Client is eligible to receive the refund automatically under following circumstances:

If the freelancer is not active, and not responded to buyer.
If the freelancer failed to deliver the order within a given time frame.
If the delivered work does not meet the client requirement. But in this case seller has the right to contact support team or raise the request to investigate the issue.
If we agree to refund, the buyer will receive the refund from the same payment method that he/she used while ordering.